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Woman Fired for Being Too Sexy

Generally, being too sexy is a woman’s crown of glory — but probably not for an Iowan woman who was fired from her job for being irresistible.

According to recent news reports, Melissa Nelson was terminated from her job as a dental assistant after her employer, James Knight and his wife, claimed that she was a threat to their marriage despite the fact that Nelson was likewise married and have kids.

Reports have it that Knight was uncomfortable with Nelson’s distracting and sometimes revealing tight clothes. In fact, there are times wherein he asked her to cover up with her lab coat.

Also, Knight’s wife was also bothered that Nelson might soon become a threat to their long time marriage since she was too irresistible despite believing that her husband is an upright and respectful man.

Nelson, on the other hand, never even flirted with the dentist. Therefore, she believed that if she were a man she would not have been terminated.

Meanwhile, Knight affirmed that he fired Nelson not because of her gender but due to the way their relationship had developed and the threat that it imposed to his marriage. Incidentally, in the past few days, Knight and Nelson have been exchanging personal and indecent text messages.

Unfortunately for Nelson, the Iowa Supreme Court sided with Knight and his wife during the trial of her gender discrimination lawsuit. The all-men court ruled that employers in the state can lawfully terminate an employee whom they find too attractive. Furthermore, such actions do not amount to unlawful employment discrimination.

Apparently, although it was not directly stressed out, Iowa is more dedicated in protecting marriage and integrity than employees’ rights. In Los Angeles, gender discrimination cases require a legal expert to assess whether an employee has been unfairly treated or discriminated at work on the basis of gender since California is one of the at-will employment states, noted by a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer.

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