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NBA Legend Magic Johnson Sued by Flight Attendant for Wrongful Termination

Magic Johnson

Photo gives credit to NY Daily News.

NBA legend Magic Johnson is now facing wrongful termination claims among other labor law violations filed against him by a former flight attendant.

According to news report, Johnson’s former flight attendant, Lanita Thomas, filed age discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour claim, and other labor code violations before the LA County Superior Court recently.

In her lawsuit, Thomas claimed that she was fired by Johnson for her being seven minutes late. However, she explained in her lawsuit that her reason for being late was because she had spent time too long at a deli counter, making sure that she had the right type of turkey that Johnson required for his bizarre food demands.

Accordingly, Thomas had been working on Johnson’s private plane as a flight attendant since 2004 until she was fired more than a month ago. As a part of her job, she have to make sure that the plane had newspapers, DVDs, and highly specific in-flight food and beverage choices like a squeezed to soft Red Vine liquorice and special types of turkey for Johnson’s sandwich.

Moreover, the 45-year-old flight attendant also stated in her lawsuit that Johnson told her that he needed a substantially younger woman for the job.

In addition, Johnson allegedly failed to provide meal and rest breaks to Thomas. Also, he failed to pay over time or keep accurate records of the hours she worked, according to court documents filed by Thomas.

Aside from Johnson, Magic Johnson Entertainment and Clay Lacy Aviation were also named in the said lawsuit.

Incidentally, Johnson totally left his basketball career in 1994 but before that, he was voted three times as NBA’s most valuable player and had been included in 2002’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

After his retirement, he became a part-owner of the LA Lakers for several years. Subsequently, last March, he was a part of the group that purchased the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. In addition, he also gained significant success in his off-court careers, including broadcasting and entrepreneurship.

So far, no comments are yet released from any of the defendants. It is not yet confirmed whether Johnson’s party acknowledges all the allegations set against him and his party.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer is on the look for the next update of this case since it is quite interesting particularly in this “At Will Employment” state.

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