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Man Files Wrongful Termination Claim after Being Fired for Depression

A Philadelphia man filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against a catering business after he was terminated for unreasonable causes due to his mental and physical health condition.

The 35-year old Jermaine Butler filed a wrongful termination lawsuit last January before the office of the Federal Court in Philadelphia. He was represented with his lawyer for wrongful termination that affirms that the BTC Foods Inc. fired Butler for unreasonable causes.

In his lawsuit, Butler claims that he was fired from his former job at the said Philadelphia-based catering business after his employer found out that he had been undergoing a psychiatric treatment.

According to court papers, Butler had been seeing a psychiatrist for several years to treat his depression linked to his child’s death.

Butler was hired in 2007 and in 2010; he sustained work – related Hernia. Thus, the same caused him to file for a couple of leaves.

Butler stated in his lawsuit that after he confided the management regarding undergoing a psychiatric treatment, the management began treating him with coldness and became hostile.

Butler was terminated not long after he disclosed his mental health.

Allegedly, Butler was fired due to his criminal records but in truth, ever since Butler has been employed with the catering business, they were already aware about Butler’s past misdeeds and that the company employs other applicants regardless of their criminal records.

Butler accuses the said catering business with the violations on the Americans with Disabilities Act and Pennsylvania Common Law. His complaint focuses on counts of discrimination, wrongful termination and retaliation.

Apart from the monetary fines, Butler is seeking to have the defendants adopt policies against discrimination.

If there are absolute reasons for filing for a wrongful termination lawsuit under the federal laws, employees should not hesitate from pursuing their claim. Such cases of wrongful termination in California are often hard to prove nevertheless lawyers definitely have knowledge in resolving legal predicaments and provide assistance for claims until its resolution.

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