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Lifeguards Fired for Dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ Gained Global Support

Photo gives credit to LA Times Blog.

The lifeguards and a manager who were terminated from their job by the El Monte City due to their viral video dancing the Gangnam Style have gained global support.

Initial reports revealed that the 13 lifeguards and one manager were allegedly wrongfully terminated after city officials of El Monte learned about their video spoofing the viral music video of Korean rapper Psy, the “Gangnam Style.”

Upon their termination, the fired employees have begun lobbying city officials to give them their jobs back. Recently, the former employees finally decided to file their case for the same purpose.

Since then, same with the viral music video of Gangnam Style, news about the fired employees widely spread over the world through social media and other news report websites.

The former employees have now gained hundreds of comments just within their Facebook page. Some of those comments in fact, came not only from U.S. citizens, but also from people from other parts of the world like Great Britain and Belgium.

While some of their supporters wished them luck, others offered them with advices on making their arguments.  Also, they gained a significant number of Facebook fans who signed up to support them.

Moreover, even the pop star behind the hit video, gave a word regarding their case. During his interview by MTV, which was quoted below,Psy said:

“Unfortunately, I’m a rookie here. When I become a big star here, I really want to help them out because that’s not fair. I don’t think so. What did they do? They weren’t wrong? I think it was off duty — that’s what I heard. They can be more flexible to each other.”

At present, no further details were released regarding their case. Nevertheless, the fired employees firmly believed as well that they did not do anything offensive and claimed that they were just trying out some dance moves.

In states where an At-will Employment rule exists, it doesn’t necessarily mean that employers cannot be charged with wrongful termination. Accordingly, a California wrongful termination lawyer enumerated below some possible grounds that employees may use against their employers:

•    Firing an employee who reports their illegal or improper conducts to the proper authorities.
•    Firing an employee as retaliation for doing something that he/she legally or illegally did.
•    Firing an employee for refusing to do something illegal or contrary to public policy and other principles.

Hopefully, those fired employees and other workers who have the same predicaments would take note of the above-stated facts.

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