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Hotel Maid Allegedly Fired after Asking for Autograph from J. Lo

Hotel MaidThe Latina singer and Maid in Manhattan star, Jennifer Lopez, was a little upset over a story that surfaced this week.

According to recent news reports, a German newspaper reported that a maid from a luxury German hotel who tried to approach Lopez’s assistants to ask for an autograph from the singer/actress was allegedly fired the following day.

The maid, who was subsequently identified as Pray Dodaj, allegedly claimed that after cleaning Lopez’s hotel room floor, being a big fan of the latter, she took the courage to ring the bell just to get an autograph. Thereafter, two of Lopez’s assistants gave her the boot.

On the other hand, Lopez’s party admitted there was once an incident involving a maid last month but affirmed that there was no autograph involved. Accordingly, the said maid suddenly barged into the room unannounced. Therefore, Lopez’s security team immediately gave the maid a boot out of concern for the singer/actress’ safety.

Nevertheless, sources close to Lopez told an online showbiz entertainment news that the singer/actress’ party was told that the hotel management has since assured that no one was fired, but the maid agency that the hotel uses has relocated Dodaj to a different establishment.

In a brief statement released by Lopez quoted herein, she said: “C’mon thought you knew me better than this.. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph.”

Moreover, a spokesperson for Lopez likewise denied the allegations and affirmed that she always get out of her way just to meet and greet her fans as evidenced by her recent tweet saying: “2 meet engagements backstage..”

In addition, the hotel management also confirmed that the maid and Lopez never met each other and that neither the hotel management, Lopez’s party, nor Lopez herself asked for the termination of contract of the maid.

So far, it is not yet clear whether the maid will mount a wrongful termination claim against Lopez. One thing is for sure, filing for such claims, particularly a wrongful termination in California, is never easy since it is among the at-will employment states.

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