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HBO Finally Responds to Wrongful Termination Allegations

Finally, the network giant HBO speaks up to answer all the allegations set against the company in a wrongful termination suit filed by a former animal safety representative.

It could be remembered that back in January, the former employee of the American Humane Association (AHA), Barbara Casey, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the said organization and the HBO, claiming that she was allegedly axed from her job for reporting a violation of animal abuse and cruelty law.

Casey contested in her lawsuit that the horses that were used in filming the network’s hit series, ‘Luck’ were abused, neglected and mistreated, which the HBO apparently deemed right. Following Casey’s revelation, HBO admitted that horses had been injured and euthanized during the filming of its highly publicized drama about horse gambling and racing. Nevertheless, the cable television has since reiterated that it had maintained the highest safety standards possible on all its TV programs. In fact, it had established safety protocols that go beyond and above normal film and TV industry standards and practices, HBO claimed.

Recently, the cable network once again took the center stage to address its detailed response to the allegations. Media sources have confirmed that the cable network is denying any responsibility regarding Casey’s termination since the network is not her employer. Apparently, HBO is excluding itself in the lawsuit claiming that it cannot be held liable for the alleged illegal termination under a so-called theory of ‘aiding and abetting’ in that termination. HBO further asserted that Casey’s case is with the AHA, being the company that terminated her.

So far, papers have revealed that Casey has the yet to make specific allegations against anyone at the cable network who could be held liable.

Casey was said to be seeking for ways to create specific allegations against anyone in at the HBO who could be possibly held liable.

Unfortunately, this is always the toughest part in mounting a wrongful termination claim, particularly in an employment at will states like California. Difficulty typically arises when proving that the termination was made for unlawful reasons. Pursuing such claims involves several complicated provisions that may require assistance of a qualified Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer.

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