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Georgia Factory Worker Fired for Not Wearing 666 Shirt

A factory worker in Georgia filed a wrongful termination against his former employee after he has been fired for not wearing a shirt with a 666 sticker.

According to a news from Insurance Journal, the complainant Billy E. Hyatt refused to wear a shirt with a 666 sticker declaring that the factory he has been working had been 666 day accident-free.

Supposedly, it is good news, thinking that a company has been a safe workplace for its employees. However, for Hyatt’s belief, wearing such shirt with a demon’s number would condemn him to everlasting cursing.

666 is believed to be the number of the beast or the number of evil in some countries. This number is featured in the Book of Revelation under the New Testament.

Hyatt had worked for the North Georgia plastics company from June 2007 until he was penalized with a 3–day suspension after not–wearing the 666 shirt sticker which resulted to his termination.

Hyatt is a devoted Christian that’s why he did not agree to wear the sticker shirt even though he’s very much aware of the consequences he might receive for not obeying the factory’s memorandum. But one thing he didn’t expect is that he’ll get fired for that simple and unlawful reason.

After his wrongful termination, Hyatt together with his California employment lawyer filed a complaint against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) which has been granted with a right to sue the company last August.

Hyatt’s wrongful termination lawsuit against the plastic factory – Berry Plastic Corp. is still under proceedings and the respondent still remains silent.

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