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Former Teacher: Sues Former Employer for Wrongful Termination

Another teacher is suing her former employer from Ronald Wornick Jewish Day School for 13 counts related to wrongful termination claiming for age and employment discrimination.

The former teacher, Rina Shapira filed the 46 pages lawsuit on October 24, 2011. The lawsuit is claiming for multiple violations of the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Age, racial discrimination, wrongful termination, defamation, breach of contract and good faith, non – remittance of overtime pay and wages and a violation of the Unfair Competition Law are among the complaints for damages.

Meanwhile, the Head of School Barbara Geredoff has spoken and said that no one among them is at the right place to give a comment on the lawsuit.

Shapira has been happily employed at the said school as a Hebrew language teacher from 2001 until her termination was served effective August. 31, 2011. Shapira have not received any negative reviews or feedback during her years in service. The major reason for her termination is due to her being 77 – years old and an Israeli citizen.

According to the lawsuit, Shapira was excused from her job position, paid a lower amount than in the recent years and requested to return her keys.

The lawsuit also mentioned nine other cases in which school employees were thought to have suffered improper retaliation which involved being terminated or having significantly cut hour without enough reason. Generally, the employees were 40 years and older in all case. The lawsuit also claims that the new employees hired are mostly younger and are not Israeli citizens.

Shapira is seeking for fair justice for the wrongful termination lawsuit she had filed against her former employer. Furthermore, she is waiting for an employment offer.

Under social security law, the normal retirement age for an individual is 60 – 65. Shapira is at 77. It’s impressive that at her age, she still manages to perform her job as a teacher. She almost dedicated her entire life in teaching that’s why people like her don’t deserve such kind of treatment.

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