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Former Employee Files Wrongful Termination against Apple

A former employee of tech giant Apple is now suing the company for wrongful termination.

According to a lawsuit filed by Wayne Goodrich before the California Superior Court in Santa Clara County, he was fired from his job way back in December last year for what the company referred to as business reasons and not due to job performance issues.

Goodrich began working at Apple Inc. in 1998 as executive producer. During his time of employment, he coordinated the company’s famous excellent keynote presentations. He claimed to have worked together with the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, in planning events. Also, Goodrich claimed that he played a major role in coordinating Apple’s major product launches such as the iPhones and iPad devices.

Furthermore, Goodrich claimed that he was the first Apple employee to meet with representatives from Siri, Inc., and introduced the startup to the Cupertino tech giant. Apparently, Apple, through the help of Goodrich, made a great deal when it later acquired Siri. The two tech giants merged its virtual assistant technology into the iPhone 4S.

According to Goodrich, during his collaboration with the late Steve Jobs, the latter promised him that he would always have a job at the company in 2005. Five years later, Jobs reportedly reassured Goodrich that he would be offered another job in the company once his job position has been compromised or even if the co-founder was no longer with the company. However, it is yet unclear whether records of said reassurance were kept.

Goodyear, represented by his lawyer, firmly believes that Apple fired him to avoid paying out the restricted stock units he earned during his employment at the said company. At present, the value of each share reaches to some $635.00 from its initial value of $97.40 way back in 2008. Apparently, Goodrich has to stay for a certain number of years before being able to cash out on the said restricted stock, but unfortunately, he was fired ahead of his most awaited time.

The lawsuit is seeking for unspecified damages for Goodrich’s lost wages, restricted stocks, benefits, and emotional distress in line of the alleged breach of contract and unjust business practices.

Meanwhile, for a Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer, this is quite an interesting battle to keep track of since it is another one of a kind case, not to mention that the defendant is a technology giant company.

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