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Fired Police Captain Won His Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Committing a violation or a crime doesn’t necessarily mean that one can no longer be entitled to pursue his or her career.

A police captain who has been charged of multiple violations was afterwards terminated from being a police at Santa Rosa and was given $97,000 as a consolation. According to Jamie Mitchel, he was fired from his job having nothing but a “kick on his ass”. Since then, he has worked for any law enforcement agencies.

Way back in 2008, the city of Santa Rosa was flooded with complaints of Mitchel against his immediate superior officer, Chief Ed Flint for various offenses such as discrimination, harassment and retaliation. The city was forced to pay more than $120,000 as a settlement for all the complaints against the two. Prior to that incident, the city fired both police officers causing Mitchel to file for a wrongful termination before the US District Court. However, the said lawsuit was dismissed and he was ordered to pay $32,000 as payment for the city’s legal bills.

Disappointed with the ruling, Mitchel filed an appeal before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco and finally after all his efforts, a three–judge panel ruled in his favor last week, setting the case for further proceedings.

Mitchel is anticipating for his win in his wrongful termination lawsuit. It is improper to say that every termination is wrongful. Having an employment lawyer by your side can help you determine whether or not you have experienced a wrongful termination. With a lawyer’s help you are guaranteed with the best result.

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