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Burbank City Faces Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Filed by Former Police

Burbank City took the center stage after its City Council controversially approved an ordinance banning advertising vans roaming around its busy streets. Now, the City is up again into another big headline.

Based on a recent news report from L.A. Times, Burbank City is now facing a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a group of former police who claimed that they were fired in retaliation.

In the said lawsuit that was filed early this month before the U.S. District Court, the ex-cops claimed that they were axed from their job in retaliation for suing the city over racial discrimination and harassment way back in 2009.

On the contrary, previous reports revealed that the former cops who are now suing the city were the police officers who were terminated in 2010 for allegedly engaging in misconduct and using excessive force when handling the Porto’s robbery investigation in 2007.

In fact, several city officials affirmed that the former officers assaulted a Porto’s robbery suspect, who eventually turned out to be misidentified and not really involved in the crime. However, despite the city officials’ testimony, the ex-police repeatedly denied the claims to protect their reputations. They even accused the city of making false accusations against them, intimidating witnesses and concealing exculpatory evidence.

As of the press time, the city is yet to be served with the lawsuit but it plans to defend the lawsuit as it continues to deny the accusations according to reports.

As it is, mounting a claim for wrongful termination in California may involve various complicated provisions that may require the expert legal assistance of a qualified wrongful termination lawyer in order to obtain justice especially in states that have an “at will” employment provision.

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