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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Win Wrongful Termination Battle

Chateau MiravalFinally, the high profile celebrity couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, has been acquitted from the wrongful termination case filed by a former assistant.

According to news reports, in his ruling, the presiding judge sided with the Hollywood power couple in the case filed by Ana Luisa Charlotiaux.

Apparently, Charlotiaux has been an employee of Chateau Miraval for two years. In fact, from the time that Brad and Angelina brought the mansion from its previous owners in 2008, she was already one of the four assistants there. Charlotiaux, being bilingual, was placed in charge of handling mails and phone calls. In February 2010, she was fired due to her frequent absences which disrupted their business functions at the Chateau Miraval.

In her lawsuit, Charlotiaux was seeking for $111,800.00 in compensation.

Consequently, during a September 11 ruling, a judge in France ruled in favor of the couple. However, Charlotiaux was reportedly not giving up and now considers appealing the judge’s recent ruling.

Moreover, following the said ruling, Brad and Angelina likewise filed a petition, asking the court to fine Charlotiaux 5,000 Euros for filing a frivolous case against them. Unfortunately for them, their petition was denied.

Apparently, this lawsuit is not yet over since both parties exhibited their desire to pursue the case a little further, speculated by a Los Angeles employment lawyer who practices the same employment litigations across California. Often times, observing how the other countries ruled on such cases are quite interesting, he added.

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