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Unemployment Woes Continue for Many Workers

In an article from, “Out of Work, Burnt Out, Giving Up” jobseekers aged 22-years old to 61-years old spoke about the difficulties of getting hired in these times.

Take for example, 22-year old Jessie Sawyer who graduated from College last May. She had a series of unpaid internships and over 200 job applications which proved to be fruitless. Burned out by rejections in November, she applied for a part-time job at a restaurant.

On the other hand, 59-year old Patrick Meehan has been unemployed for over a year. Although he worked for 25 years in educational publishing, he’s been trying to look for sales management positions to no avail. Fortunately for his family, his wife has a steady job.

Stephanie Carlino however, at 61-years old, lost her job last March and has depleted her savings and is looking to sell her house just to make ends meet.

We’ve all heard stories or have seen firsthand the impact of recession and while many continue to struggle to find a new job, a lot of people find themselves making do with whatever job is available, instead of trying to land their dream jobs.

The job market may seem dismal to some but it’s just starting or trying to get back up on its feet.  In a previous article also from CNN, there were as many as 87,750 job openings!

Finding work is never easy but in the meantime, check with your state for unemployment benefits and just keep trying, keep looking. Hard work and patience always pays off.

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