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Justin Bieber Faces Employment Harassment Raps by Former Bodyguard

Following the widespread rumors about Justin Bieber and his weed smoking session, the young Canadian pop singer is now into another trouble after his bodyguard recently filed a lawsuit against him for alleged employment harassment.

As reported, Bieber’s former Israeli bodyguard filed a lawsuit against the 18-year-old pop singer after Bieber allegedly berated and axed him from his job.

In an interview, Moshe Benabou claimed that he worked for the young singer from March 2011 until October 2012. He was fired following a disagreement wherein Bieber allegedly berated him and punched him several times, according to media sources.

Benabou is seeking for unspecified amount of damages for assault and battery and more than $420,000.00 for unpaid overtime.

On the other hand, although Bieber’s party admitted that Benabou was a former employee of the young singer, they denied the allegation that Bieber hit him and claimed that Benabou is nothing more than a disgruntled employee trying to dig on Bieber’s pot.

Moreover, regarding the former bodyguards’ termination, Bieber’s camp affirmed that Benabou was fired from his job due to his multiple threaded stories including a big lie that he had previously worked for Justin Timberlake before being hired by Bieber.

Apparently, Bieber’s party discovered that Benabou never worked for Justin Timberlake.

In most employment issues involving celebrities like this, wage and hour claim is often an issue. One big reason for this is because celebrities do not handle their own time and schedule and so do the employees working for them. Most often, celebrities fail to keep an accurate record of the hours that their employees worked. Therefore, they unwittingly end up in the receiving end of an unpleasant legal battle, as noticed by several Los Angeles employment lawyers.

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