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Before Black Friday, Walmart Workers Stage Nationwide Protest over Wages and Benefits

Image gives credit to Joe Skipper / Reuters.

Image gives credit to Joe Skipper / Reuters.

Just a few days before the biggest shopping day of the year, Walmart workers were spotted staging protests at dozen of stores across the country.

According to recent news reports, more than 100 workers were spotted protesting outside several Walmart stores nationwide demanding for higher wages and better benefits.

The chain of protests reportedly spread to Miami, North Carolina, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Kentucky and California. Reports said that the protesters were in lime green shirts marching outside Walmart stores, holding signs playing off the retailing giant’s corporate slogan, “Live Better” while some were handing out flyers.

Allegedly, the nationwide strike was organized by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) and a group called OUR Walmart. The workers were apparently protesting Walmart’s unfair labor practices and seeking better pay.

Meanwhile, Walmart claimed that its associate is not unionized. Therefore, the chain does not officially recognize the UFCW. Also, the chain defended that Walmart’s pay and benefits are as good as or better than its retail competitors, including those that are unionized.

In fact, out of 2.2 million workers, 250,000 of which have worked for the company for more than a decade. In addition, last year alone, the company promoted 165,000 hourly employees, contended by Walmart’s Senior Director of Community Affairs, Steven V. Restivo.

OUR Walmart on the other hand has affirmed that employee income, which is often close to minimum wage, is hardly enough to live on. On top of that, retaliation is an added burden for the employees as well.

On Black Friday, in Los Angeles alone, several employment lawyers speculate that shoppers will be bringing millions to Walmart. Thus, they should be more employee-friendly this time since it is just the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

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