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Another NFL Cheerleader Comes Out to Sue Team for Wage and Hour Claim

Image gives credit to Cincinnati Bengals official website.

Image gives credit to Cincinnati Bengals’ official website.

After the Raiders’ cheerleader first came out to sue their team for wage and hour violation, the Cincinnati Ben-Gals’ cheerleader is now next in line to file for a similar complaint against the team.

Recent news reports have it that one of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, Alexa Brenneman, has filed a class action lawsuit against the said team.

In her lawsuit, Brenneman has alleged that the said NFL’s Ohio team violated the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Ohio Minimum Fair Wage Standards Act.

She claimed that they were only paid at most with $90 per home game of the team. She further claimed that for more than 300 hours they worked in a year for mandatory practices, public appearances, pre-game time at the stadium, promotions and pictorials, her pay rate comes out to less than $2.85 an hour.

So far, Ohio’s minimum wage rate per hour is $7.85.

Brenneman’s lawsuit comes after a string of wage and hour claims filed by two Oakland Raiders’ cheerleaders has emerged. Apparently, the latter’s previous move has prompted the Ben-Gal cheerleader to come out as well to voice out their concerns.

Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Bengals were said to respond in due course to Brenneman’s lawsuit.

Apparently, these women have just pulled the trigger. Many believe that in the next few months or even weeks, these two lawsuits would prompt more cheerleaders to seek an end to the wage and hour violation committed by most NFL teams.


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