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13 States Raise Minimum Wage on the First Day of 2014

Good news for the minimum wage earners! As the New Year kicks in, 13 states are expected to increase their minimum wage. In fact, the raise was said to exceed the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

The good news follows the recent strings of protests staged by thousands of fast food workers, retail workers and other minimum wage earners across the nation late last year.

The good news was reportedly confirmed by the National Employment Law Project. However, approval is likely in more than half of the 11 states according to a policy analyst.

At the very first day of the year, 21 states have increased its minimum wage, up from 18 a couple of years ago. Analysts expect that 19 more states to follow the trend by the end of 2014.


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While California’s minimum wage is still the nation’s highest so far, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island have likewise voted to raise their minimum wage by up to $8.70. On the other hand, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Missouri, Oregon, Ohio, Vermont and Washington will have their automatic increase tied to inflation.

So far, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Minnesota and South Dakota currently consider voting on increased minimum wage through legislation or ballot initiatives by next year.

“Apparently, although the recent strings of protest of workers last year failed to convince the congress to act on the nation’s growing concerns about extreme spread of low wage jobs, at least, a significant number of states are now taking action,” lauded by a wrongful termination lawyer.


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