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Scaffolding Company to Pay £85,000 Fine After a Worker Sustained Spinal Injury

spinal cord injurySpectra Scaffolding, a scaffolding company in Bury, England is now facing monetary fines of £85,000 after one of its workers has sustained spinal cord injury and became paralyzed.

The 33-year-old victim, David Collins, will be spending his entire life on wheel chair after he sustained spinal cord injury when a ton of scaffoldings landed on him while he was unloading working tools.

According to reports, Collins had already delivered a load in front of a store that morning of November 8 but he had been ordered to go to the back to unload a small compound without any assistance from other workers. Unfortunately, a defective safety catch on the hook came out which trapped Collins underneath. As a result of which, Collins suffered from distressing consequences.

The court found out that the equipment of Collins’ company was not properly maintained and that victim was only trained for a routine lifting operation.

Now, Collins is expected to be paralyzed for the rest of his life due to his spinal cord injury. The company had been required to pay the total amount of £85,000. Unfortunately, the company directors are said to be receiving only £500 a month and a dividend of £42,000 a year. Probably, the said monetary relief would have a great effect to the company and is more likely to drain their resources.

For Collins, justice has been served and definitely, the Spectra Scaffolding officers figured out their failure in implementing safety measures.

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