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Teenage Girl Wins Sexual Harassment Case against First Employer

sexual harassmentAfter three years of court battle, a teen age girl finally won her sexual harassment case filed against her former employer from her first job.

Laura Connors is barely 15-years-old when she experienced sexual harassment from her former employer. According to the court documents, Connors was then 15-years-old when she worked as a part time employee at a local fast food restaurant while schooling way back in 2007.

Her excitement towards her first job was immediately replaced with fear and disappointment when her boss took advantage of her being innocent.

In her lawsuit, Connors claimed that she was repeatedly harassed at the workplace by her former boss, Mr. David Richardson, the owner of the restaurant she was working at. She claimed that Richardson repeatedly touched and pinched her bottom while moving past her in the restaurant’s tiny kitchen place. Connors further added in her lawsuits that there was also a time when Richardson untied the string of her apron and asked her to take off her top.

According to Connors, Richardson told her not to tell anyone what he was doing to her and Connors believed during that time of her innocence that as her boss, she must obey every single word of Richardson without any protest.

Connors remained silent for a period of time until she decided to resign from her job in 2008 and attended counseling for a long period of time to deal with her diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder and anxieties.

Connors’ lawsuit which remained in court for three years has finally granted her with $12,000 compensation. She said that taking the matter to the court was long and emotionally distressing process, and due to this, her legal fees almost double her said payout.

Connors has felt relieved after the lawsuit. She said that it’s not about the money or the winning but the fact that Richardson has been aware of his wrongdoing. She also added that others suffering from harassment in the workplace should not be afraid to come forward and do something.

Take it from Connors. Don’t be afraid to speak out since there are a lot of agencies and non – profit organizations who are more than willing to help victims of harassment.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a growing problem of the government. As a matter of fact, every year, there are more than 15,000 cases of harassment reported with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and figures showed that most of the victims are women with only 1 to 20 percent men.

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