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Prosecutor Calls U.S. Air Force Trainer “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” during Sexual Harassment Litigation

Lead prosecutor Major Patricia Gruen recently said during a court marshal that the military trainer accused of sexual harassment is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Allegedly, Staff Sergeant Luis Walker used his authority as a military trainer to sexually assault young women, away from their home for the first time and eager to establish good impression in their new military environment.

On Tuesday, during the second day of a U.S. Air Force court martial, a woman testified that Walker starting flirting with her while she was in her basic training and then later hugged and kissed her, until he eventually forced her into having sex with him against  her will.

The woman was actually the 10th alleged female trainee who accused Walker of inappropriate sexual conduct.

Walker is charged with 28 counts including rape, aggravated sexual assault, attempted aggravated sexual assault and adultery. Such acts are considered unlawful under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If Walker would be convicted, he is more likely to face lifetime imprisonment, and be dishonorably discharged.

According to the woman’s testimony, Walker’s attention was nice at first and actually made her feel like she stands out from the rest of the trainees. Later on, Walker turned into a nasty one when he started holding his hands and began hugging her.

The unidentified woman further testified that there was a time when Walker kissed her on the lips and then asked for an apology thereafter. However, a month later, the female trainee was called to Walker’s office that had a light portable bed at the back and forced her to have sex with him.

In her testimony, although the woman refused to Walker’s gestures, the latter simply ignored her protest.

The court martial was held in a small court room on the Lackland Air Force base where the basic training is conducted.

The said sexual harassment case is actually the first case to go on trial in the worst military sex scandal since 1996, since ten female military trainee and seven trainers were involved in the case.

Moreover, in light of the said court marshal, some 31 women have stepped forward accusing 35 trainers for sexual assault. Accused trainers were immediately discharged from their regular duties while the investigation is under way, according to the Air Force.

Several Los Angeles employment lawyers are quite impressed with the courage and strength shown by the female trainees in pursuing the case. Thereby, further offenders would be hindered from doing such offense in the military school for fear of retaliation. Furthermore, going back with the prosecutor’s remarks to the accused, it might indeed sound harsh, but apparently, it’s what the situation exhibits.

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