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John Travolta Hit with another Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The legendary actor, singer, and dancer, John Travolta is now facing another sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a crew member of a cruise ship. The lawsuit came to light following the first two similar lawsuits that were previously filed by two anonymous massagers.

Travolta’s third alleged victim, Fabian Zanzi, is an employee of a Chilean cruise ship. According to reports, the incident happened way back in 2009 while Zanzi was working as a VIP liaison on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Allegedly, Travolta, who was then a passenger of the cruise ship, ordered for food and asked Zanzi to deliver it in his stateroom.  When Zanzi arrived at Travolta’s room, the latter asked for a neck massage. As Zanzi reached for Travolta’s neck, the actor dropped his robe and exposed his erect penis to Zanzi and then forcefully hug him tight.

Subsequently, Zanzi resisted. Therefore, Travolta offered him $12,000 which the crew declined.

However, in a statement released by Travolta’s lawyer, Marty Singer, he denied all the allegations set against Travolta and said that it was just another ridiculous claim. Singer added that the complainant, as well as his lawyer, is probably seeking for a few minutes of fame.

Long before, Travolta has been flooded with controversies alleging that he is gay. The two previous lawsuit filed against the actor is seeking for $2 million as compensation; while in this third lawsuit, the amount of damage is not yet specified.

Also, Singer claimed that all lawsuits filed against his client are baseless and without merit.

Singer further said that the incident that Zanzi was talking about supposedly happened several years ago. Therefore it is not yet certain whether the latter was telling the truth or not.

Going back with Travolta’s previous lawsuits, the first one was filed some few weeks ago before California’s U.S. District Court. According to court documents, the complainant claimed that aside from the malicious acts that Travolta did to him, Travolta also exposed himself to the massager and groped him despite his protests. The incident allegedly happened on January 2011 in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, in the second lawsuit, owners of the Atlanta resort where the second incident of Travolta’s alleged sexual advancement to a massager took place has been asked to preserve the surveillance video taken during the time when the incident reportedly occurred. Allegedly, the said video footage has been reviewed and that there were indeed evidences supporting the complainant’s statement.

Generally, in a sexual harassment case, a harasser is not always the victim’s immediate supervisor, co-worker, or supervisor in another area. Employees should note that even a non-employee, like a customer or an intruder, can also be a harasser like in the above lawsuits, said a Los Angeles employment lawyer.

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