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John Travolta’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Dropped

Just two days after a California judge ruled that the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the singer-actor John Travolta would be headed in open court, recent reports claimed that the said lawsuit has been dropped.

Surprisingly, earlier reports revealed that the complainant in the said lawsuit, Fabian Zanzi, a masseur in a Chilean cruise ship, had allegedly declined Travolta’s initial offer of bribe money in the amount of $12,000 in exchange for his silence. On the other hand, Travolta’s legal team is apparently confident that the lawsuit is baseless and without merit. Therefore, no one ever thought the lawsuit is about to end this way.

Apparently, the California judge’s recent decision of shutting down an argument of arbitration raised by Travolta’s party has made both parties realize what is going on, what is best and what is not for their next move.

Following the judge’s Friday ruling, the lawsuit was left with only two possibilities: a settlement agreement will be made by both party, or the lawsuit will proceed to a public trial, which many big names often avoid.

Obviously, the recent ruling favored Zanzi who claimed in his lawsuit that the multi-talented actor exposed his erect sexual organ to him after asking for a neck massage during a 2009 Royal Caribbean cruise.

However, it is not yet clear whether a financial settlement was made between the parties. The only absolute thing is that the lawsuit was dismissed last Monday.

In his previous blog post, a Los Angeles employment lawyer speculated that if the both parties decided to reach a settlement agreement, its monetary relief is likely to be driven up significantly high since the case was about to officially move forward. Unfortunately, the court did not revealed the other terms set following the dismissal of the said case.

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