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Walmart Faces another Retaliation Complaint

Image gives credit to Francis Dean / Corbis.

Image gives credit to Francis Dean / Corbis.

Just a few days after a federal labor board slapped the world’s largest retail company with labor complaint, Walmart is now facing another legal woe.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) recent press release, the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico required Walmart Associates Inc., and Walmart Stores Inc., L.P. to pay $87,500.00 to settle the retaliation lawsuit filed by the EEOC.

Under the said lawsuit, the agency claimed that the retail giant’s Albuquerque store refused to hire Ramona Bradford’s son and daughter for data entry level positions despite their qualifications. Bradford had previously filed a sex discrimination charge against Walmart with the EEOC.

The EEOC alleged that Bradford is a victim of retaliation for labor complaints because her children have been denied of employment due to her previous employment discrimination complaint and her charge filing.

Through the conciliation process, both parties agreed to reach a settlement agreement, which terms include payment of monetary fine and providing other important relief.

Apparently, the past few months have been notably rough for Walmart for being the target of a series of retaliation complaints. In fact, it was only last week when the National Labor Retaliation Board confirmed that it has finally issued a formal retaliation complaint against Walmart. The labor board alleged that Walmart violated the rights of its workers who participated in the legally protected nationwide strike against the company when it fired and disciplined the participants following the strings of protest.

“Retaliation continues to be a high priority for the EEOC – it always was, and under our national Strategic Enforcement Plan, preserving access to the legal system is especially emphasized. We now receive more retaliation charges than any other kind of discrimination charges — over 42 percent of our charges contain retaliation allegations. We are pleased that this case could be resolved for the Bradfords and mandates that Wal-Mart train its managers about retaliation,” EEOC Albuquerque’s Area Director Derick Newton said.

Obviously, it is not a good idea for Walmart to still pursue in its usual employment practice since the federal labor boards are always keeping an eye on them.

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  1. Patrice Goodman says

    I was just fired 3/18/2014 for leaving a register bag with 3200 on the counter all night but nothing was taken. Its a complete lie. I have never left any money . I am the only black supervisor and I feel I was set up because they wanted to give my position to someone else. I’ve been working there almost three years and I never left any money.

  2. dyrah_seo says

    Sorry to hear that @Patrice.. By the way you can always find a better job.

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