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Thousands of Federal Workers Affected by the U.S. Federal Government Shutdown

Government ShutdownAfter the U.S. government has decided to shut down some of its offices, approximately 800,000 to 1 million federal employees were left furloughed. Until present, the employees do not know when they will go back to work or at least get their pay check.

Some employees blame the recent shutdown to the groups that oppose Obamacare. For many, the new health care system is one of the good things that happened in President Barack Obama’s administration. Therefore, the majority of the employees believe that the House should send a clean bill to the Senate that would fund the federal government.

So far, due to the government shutdown, all government transactions are paused and/or delayed. Also, several tourist spots like the National Gallery and the museums of the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Zoo, were likewise closed to public. Therefore, aside from the furloughed employees, tourists who came to visit tourist destinations in Washington D.C. are likewise affected.

The way the federal employees see it, opponents of the current administration’s health care system are holding every one of them as hostages to prevent Obamacare from prevailing. For them, it is indeed dangerous and irresponsible for politicians to hold the economy hostage over a law and regardless of how controversial it is.

So far, it is not yet clear whether those furloughed employees would be paid for this impromptu vacation, and if yes, when would they get their paycheck. Apparently, workers are left hanging and clueless about their jobs.

For the average wage earners, Washington is an expensive place to live in. Thus, the feel a little nervous about their future if the shutdown takes longer.

A brief shutdown might be endurable to everyone who has been affected. However, if the lawmakers fail to address the situation, it would create serious obstacle to the furloughed employees and the other people affected by the shutdown, said by a labor lawyer.


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