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Single Mom Prefers Working Over Unemployment Benefits

Often, we hear of so many stories about parasites people who receive and enjoy all sorts of social security benefits (from hard-earned tax-payer’s money) even though they are not qualified and would not really do anything to improve their lives.

Well, a couple of days back, I read a story in about a single mom who did not take the $533 monthly CalWORKS grant and just quit work.

In fact, while working as nursing assistant at Sacramento’s Hiram Johnson High School, she’s also studying to become a dental hygienist – take note that she has an 18-month old child.

For most of us, unemployment is a reality that no one ever hopes to face. But some people, through no fault of their own, lose their jobs because of corporate downsizing and bankruptcy.

While I think everyone deserves a hand up in situations like that, not everyone deserves assistance if they can’t even help themselves. In fact, some of the eligibility requirements for CA’s unemployment benefits is that the applicant should be available for work which means to be ready and willing to immediately accept work AND actively looking for work. People shouldn’t be complacent about finding work just because they have benefits.

Benefits are a temporary assistance to weary workers or the unemployed – in the end, everybody still has to step up and work to be a productive and contributing member to society.

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