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San Jose Police Officers to Suffer from 10% Pay Cut

With the financial problems that California is facing at present, it is not unusual to hear news about salary reductions, since it is a common way to save a company or department from additional problems and even closures.

San Jose City and its own police department have recently agreed that the salary of police officers will be reduced by around 10 percent the following fiscal year. This move was done so that around 156 officers will be able to keep their job.

However, salary reduction cannot completely save the department from financial difficulties. In fact, it was announced by city officials that around 122 officers will have to be removed from the department.

Because of the high cost of living today, the officers’ reduced salary may not be enough to sustain their needs. Hopefully, they will be paid enough, considering that it is their job to enforce the law and to protect the people from possible harm.

Salary reduction can also lead to workplace disputes, especially the workers feel that they are not getting enough for their hard work.

If you want to know more about the different problems that often arise in the workplace like harassment and discrimination, it is advisable that you call an expert Los Angeles employment attorney.

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