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Older Workers Face Tough Times in Employment

The good news is, new jobs are opening and more companies are hiring now. However, the bad news is, most older workers are getting passed up on for a lot of these jobs.

According to the Labor Department, while statistics are improving in terms of employment opportunities for most workers and unemployment rate, figures for older workers barely improved.

Older Workers Face Tough Times in Employment

Older Workers Face Tough Times in Employment. (photo credit:

In May, statistics show that as much as 60 percent of older unemployed workers had been out of work six months or more, while 43 percent have been unemployed for more than a year.

Some experts also claimed that unemployment is likely to get worse for older workers as they are more likely to become discouraged and stop looking. Also, when they become long-term unemployed, it will make it harder for them to find a job.

Because of this, a lot of 62-year olds who have gone through involuntary retirement, started drawing on their benefits even if it means a 25 percent cut in the benefits they’ll receive the rest of their lives.

While younger employees definitely are more easily hired than older employees because they are obviously cheaper and would settle for getting less benefits than they actually deserve, in the long run there are actually more benefits in hiring older workers.

Aside from their experience and knowledge, they are most likely to stay longer which can reduce the costs of hiring and training.

Older workers are also more highly qualified and disciplined than younger workers. If they get passed up on in hiring or get terminated because of their age, older employees need not tolerate such discrimination. It is advisable that they seek that advise of an employment attorney to represent them in a complaint for age discrimination.

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