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Nicolette Sheridan Sues Creator of Desperate Housewives for Wrongful Termination

The character, Edie Britt of Desperate Housewives may be dead but the actress who played her, Nicolette Sheridan continues to haunt the denizens of Wisteria Lane, even in reality.

The former Desperate Housewives’ actress has filed a lawsuit against Marc Cherry, the creator of the popular show, charging him with assault and battery, gender violence as well as wrongful termination.

Nicolette Sheridan

“Nicolette Sheridan Sues for Wrongful Termination.” (photo credit:

In her lawsuit, the actress claimed that Cherry created a hostile working environment and regularly was abusive towards the people working on the show. Sheridan claimed that on September 24, 2008, when she questioned him about something in the script, he hit her on her face and head with his hand.

Cherry allegedly apologized for hitting her but when the actress complained to ABC about the incident, there was no action taken and the aggressive behavior against her continued.

Sheridan now claims that she was unfairly written off the show and her job was terminated as a result of Cherry’s continued harassment and retaliation. The actress, who earns $175,000 per episode is now suing for $20 million worth of damages.

Is Sheridan’s lawsuit just a desperate cry for help and a new job? ABC has already denied her allegations and even claimed that her previous complaint lacked merit. Wrongful termination on the other hand, puts a different spin on Sheridan’s physical assault claims.

Under the law, even if the employee made an unfounded complaint, the employer is prohibited from retaliating or terminating the employee. Here’s more about wrongful termination.

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