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Los Angeles Courts to Lose More Workers

Even the legal industry has not escaped the wrath of government cost-cutting and now, the Los Angeles Superior Court stands to lose hundreds of its employees as 329 personnel will be laid off.

Employees laid off mostly come from the family court where there are specialists and mental health advisers. The labor force cut (which will bring the total of almost 1,000 employees) will cause the shutdown of a dozen courtrooms.

Likewise, the heavy loss of staff and the courtroom closures will result to a delay in most proceedings in the pipeline – it is estimated by the court that delay of interrupted work will be worth 4 ½ years.

The 329 employees set to lose their jobs shall be paid their two weeks’ pay but they will also get job training. Hiring is currently frozen for the Los Angeles Superior Court despite the need for more workers to expedite court cases.

With the State’s budget well into the red, the government is cutting jobs left and right just to save more money. But two weeks’ worth of pay will not last long and job training will hardly guarantee these laid off employees’ a new job.

This Weary Workers again reiterates its stand – yes, there are unemployment insurance benefits to be enjoyed in case of losing your job – but fiscally, it is not healthy. Instead of firing workers, why decrease the salary and other monetary benefits of government workers who get paid more than they should? Often, it’s the employees who earn the least who also gets cut first.

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