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Killer Whale Kills Trainer in SeaWorld Show

What a “killer” job.

For Dawn Brancheau, who dreamed of working with whales since she was 9 years old, the dream became deadly after she was mauled and killed by a SeaWorld killer whale during a show.

Although the incident is still under investigation due to different accounts of the attack, Brancheau, who happens to be one of the most experienced trainers at the water park, is speculated to have either died from drowning or the whale’s trashing.

Apparently, the whale involved in the trainer death, Tilikum, has been previously involved in human deaths, once in 1991 when another female lost her balance and fell in the pool and in 1999 when a naked young man was found dead and draped over him.

Brancheau once acknowledged the dangers of her job and said that trainers can’t put themselves in the water unless the whales trust them and the trainers trust the whales.

But working with animals, even dogs is always a risky business. Animals, for all their seeming intelligence, still have animal instinct which may or may not result dangerous situations for human employees.

Killer whales are called killer whales for a reason, both employers and employees should handle them with extreme care and caution because no amount of training can compensate for an animal’s instinct.

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