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Jobless? Here’s 60,000 Jobs Up for Grabs

Currently, there are around 14 million Americans who continue to be unemployed today, despite their best efforts to find a new job.

Many people have found that there’s really very little opportunity in the market and that employment opportunities are shrinking by the day. Fortunately however, an article from Fortune Magazine now lists down more than 60,000 job openings for Fortune 500 companies.

While 60,000 jobs is like a drop in a vast ocean of unemployment, at least there are still good jobs out there up for grabs.

  1. Sears Holdings – 21,800 open job positions ranging from 20,000 hourly positions to 1,800 professional/salaried positions (ex. Corporate vice presidents)
  2. Lowe’s – 15,000 job openings which range from customer service associate to staff members in distribution centers
  3. Northrop Grumman – 4,056 job openings for engineering, logistics, operations, research and product development, flight operations, and military training positions
  4. HCA – Offers 4,000 jobs for nurses, ICU clinical managers, physical therapists, radiologists and laboratory specialists, pharmacists, along with positions as IT business analysts, health information technology managers and a wide variety of consultants and systems designers
  5. New York Life Insurance – More than 3,500 jobs are up for grabs for people who would like to be employed in sales and sales management
  6. Bank of America Corp. – 3,400 job openings are available in the bank’s line of business which range from banking to investment management to human resource.
  7. United Health Group – There are 3,200 job openings for information technology and medical professionals
  8. Intel – Now hiring as much as 1,640 recent college grads and experienced professionals for engineering and technical positions
  9. American Express – The company is now looking for people to fill in 1,390 positions for customer service, relationship management and research analysis
  10. Cisco Systems – Has 1,374 job openings for sales, finance, marketing, IT, manufacturing and HR

There are many jobs out there but it does take a lot of patience and perseverance to get employed, especially if positions would open in trickles and there is a lot of competition.

If you’re a California resident and you are one of the many unemployed because of circumstances beyond your fault and control, you may apply for unemployment benefits.

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