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Fresno Casino Sued by Employees for Age and Ethnic Discrimination

Club One Casino in Fresno, California is currently being sued by former and current employees for wrongful termination and discrimination on the basis of their age and ethnicity.

Allegedly, since Kyle Kirkland took over the casino in 2008, 31 out of the 34 employees who were fired or had resigned because of the cut hours were all over the age of 40. A witness even claimed that Kirkland said that “It wouldn’t be long until all employees over the age of 50 are gone…”

One of the employees fired was Toney Johnson, 67, who as a shift supervisor at Club One for 7 years. After he was fired in 2008, he was allegedly replaced by younger and less competent people to fill his shift.

On the other hand, many employees are also complaining about race and ethnic origin discrimination. 16 workers claimed in the lawsuit filed on their behalf by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center that they were mistreated based on their Hmong or Cambodian ethnicity. Non-Asian employees allegedly got preferential treatment and because of unfair employee evaluations, many workers were fired or forced to resign. In one instance, Asian dealers who asked Kirkland to restore their work schedule were told by Kirkland that, “I can train a dog to deal but I can’t train you people to smile” before refusing them.

Lawyers from the APALC are seeking the award of back pay, benefits and interests, as well as damages for emotional distress and punitive damages for the adversely affected employees. Also, they are seeking to restore the terminated or affected employees to their former jobs.

Age and national origin discrimination in employment is considered illegal and an employer may be sued by employees who are fired or treated less favorably on account of their age. So if you have more questions about age discrimination, wrongful termination, or race discrimination, you may learn more at or call the employment law attorneys of the Mesriani Law Group at their toll free number at 1-866-325-4529 or email them at for a free case analysis.

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  1. Ted Armstrong says

    These lawsuits are ridiculous. Anyone who has stepped foot in Club One knows these guys are making up stories to get a quick payout.

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