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Former Employee Loses Employment Discrimination Lawsuit; Prada Countersues

Up to this day, employment discrimination is still prevalent. In fact, based on statistics, discrimination cases continue to rise each year. Typically, discrimination is made on the basis of race, gender, disability, religion, or pregnancy.

However, that is not how the story goes for a former employee of Prada who previously filed for an employment discrimination lawsuit after the Italian fashion label allegedly forced Rina Bovrisse to resign due to her ugliness.

In her lawsuit, Bovrisse claimed that the fashion label’s human resources manager in Japan Branch urged her to change her hairstyle and lose weight since the Prada Japan’s CEO was ashamed of her ugliness and even described her appearance as a one serious problem.

Consequently, Bovrisse reported the incident to Prada’s global COO and HR director in Milan, Italy. Shortly thereafter, Prada Japan begun demoting several top saleswomen for being “old, fat, ugly and not having ’the Prada look.’. Eventually, Bovrisse was criticized for her appearance and was urged to resign in 2009.

Unfortunately, Bovrisse lost the discrimination lawsuit she had filed in a court in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese court ruled that the discrimination was “acceptable for a luxury fashion label.”

Now, Bovrisse is seeking help from the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and hopes to file a new discrimination lawsuit in U.S.

As always, a Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer advises aggravated employees to seek for legal advice from professionals to make sure that the case will be resolve with its maximum result. Such employment law attorneys will never allow an employer to cheat employees out of compensation they rightfully deserve.

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