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Employee Killed in Workplace Accident

Every occupation has its risks but for some, the dangers can be fatal.

Employee Killed in a workplace accident

Employee Killed in a workplace accident

A 56-year old employee at a North County plant nursery in California was killed after suffering fatal injuries in an industrial accident.

The man’s arm allegedly got caught on a conveyor belt at the Evergreen Nursery at Oceanside Boulevard. He was pulled partway into a composting machine and against the machine’s hopper component.

According to the police, the accident happened around 9 AM and the employee suffered fatal injuries.

The victim, whose name was withheld, has worked in the business for 20 years.

Workplace accidents is a normal part of the business, be it slip and fall or electrocution. Even though accidents are unforeseen and inevitable, employers still have the responsibility of keeping the workplace safe and free from any hazard.

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  1. Sussanne Seron says

    The employer of the company should be responsible to pay for the victim’s expenses. Based on what happened, the company and its employees are not prepared for such an accident. I wouldn’t say that the worker was not trained because he worked for the company for almost 20 years already. However, maybe he does not have anyone to help him with the work that’s why he made an error, and a fatal one.

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