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Developments on Taco Bell Employees Behind the Controversial Taco-licking Photo

Taco shellAfter causing social media panic over a photo of a Taco Bell employee licking a stack of tacos shells, the fast food restaurant chain has finally took proper corresponding action regarding the matter.

It was last Sunday when a photo of a Taco Bell employee in Ridgecrest employee posted a scandalous photo of him, licking a stack of Tacos shells, in the fast food chain’s Facebook feed. The photo was said to be taken by his co-worker.

Since the said photo begun to circulate online,  huge uproar against the A-rated fast food likewise started.

The two employees involved in the controversial photo were reportedly investigated by the Franchise.

In a statement released by the Taco Bell following the investigation, it claimed that the shells in the photo were used for training for making Doritos Cool Ranch Tacos. The franchise has further confirmed that the tacos were not served to customers since those were about to be thrown. The picture was actually taken for an internal photo contest of employees taking the first bite out of the new product, but obviously, the photo was unacceptable therefore it was never submitted.

Unfortunately, probably out of fun, an employee posted the photo on a personal social media account which clearly violated the company’s policy. Therefore, the two employees behind the highly publicized photo were terminated.

Taco Bell has further stated that it believes that the employees do not harm or intentionally harm anyone. However, condemn the impression that the photo has caused to its customers, fans, franchisees and team members. For the franchise, such behavior is unacceptable for people working in the food industry.

Meanwhile, in his own point of view, a California wrongful termination lawyer agrees with the fast food chain’s outlook that although the photo was posted in good spirit and a proper corresponding action has been made, it has still left the fast food chain with a bad impression. Creating a good reputation takes a decade but destroying it only takes a second, he added.

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