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Federal Labor Board Slaps Walmart with Labor Violation Complaint

Image gives credit to Francis Dean / Corbis.

Image gives credit to Francis Dean / Corbis.

Almost a couple of months after the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced that it is likely to issue labor complaints against Walmart, the federal labor agency has finally justified its previous warning.

Recent news reports have confirmed that the agency has officially filed a formal complaint alleging that the world’s largest retailer, Walmart Inc., violated the rights of its workers who participated in a series of nationwide protests and strikes against the company.

Through the years, Walmart employees have been struggling from low wages and poor benefits and working conditions. As for them, their only way of voicing out their grievances is by staging legally protected nationwide protests, which are often being held as the holiday shopping season kicks in or during Black Fridays.

The protests are usually organized by the union-backed group, OUR Walmart, which has been pressing the retail giant for higher wages, better benefits and improved working conditions for years.

Unfortunately, during a 2012 protest, 60 employees in 14 states were allegedly disciplined and fired for participating in legally protected protests.

The agency cited incidents back in 2012 wherein several Walmart representatives unlawfully threatened its employees with reprisal if they participate in protests during a national news broadcast.

Also, the agency claimed that Walmart has improperly categorized workers’ time spent engaging in protests as unexcused absences, reports said.

It could be remembered that it was last November when the NLRB had initially issued a warning against Walmart. Unfortunately, no settlement agreement had been reached between the two parties within that period. Thus, the agency now considers a trial to determine whether the giant retailer is guilty of labor violation.

As for Walmart, it has until January 28 to respond to the labor complaint.

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