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Work at Home or Business Investment Scams Busted by the Federal Trade Commission

Warning to all weary workers!

With 14.8 million unemployed Americans, a lot of people are becoming desperate to find jobs or a means to earn income. The vulnerability of millions of job seekers however, has spawned bogus job placement and work-at-home scams.

These scams usually involve an offer or advertisement that promises job listings in return for a fee or promises a business opportunity in return for an up-front investment. A lot of scams also involve “work at home jobs”.

Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on several companies involved in such schemes and criminal charges have been pressed against them.

The FTC warns that job seekers should be careful in talking to “staffing companies” especially those who would ask for a fee. Try to check the validity of the company befpre sending money with your Better Business Bureau and the FTC ( ts/pro22.shtm)

Here are some of the companies which have been charged:

  • Entertainment Work Inc.
  • Abili-Staff
  • Career Hotline

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