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What Do the 4 New California Labor Laws Say?

On the previous year, several changes were made with the existing rules of California Labor Law. In fact, such changes have been implemented this current year after the local government approved the bills.

However, not all employers and employees affected by the bills appreciated the news that much. Therefore, it went into a great extent of controversy before it reached its final resolution.

The four new controversial California Labor Laws are briefly explained below to further understand its changes as well as its effect to the employment world:

  • SB299 – this law merely affects women on pregnancy disability leave. The law permits employees to refrain from paying group health plan on behalf of the employee on such kind of leave. If such conditions were met, the business could be barred from doing so. In the former law, employers with 50 and more employees were affected; but in this new law, even employers with as few as five employees are already covered.
  • SB222 – the law primarily affects health insurance companies that do business in California, since they are now required to provide maternity coverage. Insurance coverage includes prenatal care up to post-partum care, neonatal, and even involuntary complications brought by pregnancy and hospitalization.
  • AB887 – this law talks about the definition of gender in California. It directly affects the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Changes made in the definition of gender in the state now include both gender identity and gender expression. Employers are now prohibited from discriminating employees based on gender, while employees can have all the rights in the world to dress according to their gender expression.
  • AB1236 – the law covers cities and counties where employers use E-verify. The law allows employers to voluntarily use E-verify. However, a city or county government may not order its use to hold the employment of undocumented employees.

Some of these new California Labor Laws cost a huge amount of fund. Therefore, they became controversial considering that the country is currently in a weak economic disposition to tolerate such expenditures.

Even so, the bills have been approved and are being implemented by California governor Jerry Brown despite the negative opinions from the public. Hopefully, such new laws would bring a positive result to the Golden State.

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