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Top Aide Harassed and Retaliated by Boss After Investigation

After cooperating with government investigators in a corruption probe which ensnared 2nd District Supervisor Paul Biane, his chief of staff, Matt Brown is now claiming that he is getting retaliated on by his boss.

Biane is involved in an investigation into the largest bribery scandal in county and possibly California history.

Brown sent a letter to Biane, wherein he pleaded to stop the continued harassment, reprisal, retaliation or adverse action against him. Brown alleged that he had to seek medical treatment for job-related health issues and was subjected to veiled threats about his status.

Brown’s allegations are now currently under investigation and he has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Under the law, whistleblowers are protected by state and federal levels that protect individuals from retaliation from employers. But sometimes, employers violate the law and would harass and abuse whistleblower employees and even fire them.

This is why it is important to learn and understand Whistleblower Laws or at least, get an experienced employment attorney to fight for your rights in case you’re a victim of retaliation.

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