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Rihanna’s Trainer Sues for Unpaid Wages

RnB sensation and model Rihanna is once again embroiled in a legal controversy after her personal trainer, Cindy Percival filed a lawsuit for unpaid wages against her in a L.A County Superior Court.


"Rihanna sued for Unpaid Wages." (photo credit:

Percival, who has provided exclusive personal training services to the singer for two years, alleged that Rihanna failed to pay her for her weeks of work last September and October. The trainer is paid $1,500 per day and is now claiming $26,144.14 worth of unpaid wages.

Although there has been no previous trouble with her wages, Percival said that she was suddenly told that her services were being terminated. Invoices for payment of her services rendered and a demand letter were sent to Rihanna but were ignored.

Aside from unpaid wages, Rihanna’s ex-trainer is also claiming $2,644.14 for travel expenses she incurred for traveling in Europe with the singer.
What’s up with Rihanna? She’s rich enough after multiple hits and product endorsements – why not give her poor trainer her due wages? She wouldn’t be the hot commodity that  she is today without her trainer’s hard work to help keep her that way.

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