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Restaurant Employees File Wage Claims Against Employer

Wage claims and labor complaints have been filed by former employees of South restaurant in San Juan Capistrano after issuing bad checks to the employees.

Paychecks issued to employees reportedly started bouncing around November and banks said that there was no money in the account.  Employees, including former kitchen manager Matt Reny were unpaid for weeks of work – in Reny’s case, the restaurant owes him wages worth more than $2,000.

Alan Merow, a co-owner of South blamed the slumping economy for the “late” pay of his employees and claimed that all former employees would be paid everything they are owed but called the filing of wage claims by the employees as “Mickey Mouse” stuff.

Wearyworker would like to disagree with Mr. Merow’s statement, filing wage claims is not Mickey Mouse stuff or an idealistic concept which should not be put in practice – it is an employee’s legal right.

Employees deserve to be compensated for their hard earned labor and if the employer is remiss in doing so, the employee has every right to file a wage claim. To learn more about filing a wage claims, read more here.

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  1. Emily Johnson says

    I worked at South and was in the article in the OC Register. My name is Emily Johnson and I wanted to thank you for posting this article!

  2. Matthew Reny says

    I worked for this sorry excuse for a human being and am now spending days of my life dealing with the labor board and small claims court to try and obtain money I earned 3 months ago. Alan Merow is the person responsible and if the legal system in this country worked the way that it should he would be in jail right now. I was a slave for 1 month and I’ve been homeless for 2 months. If he gets away with this…wait…he’s not going to get away with this. The phone # to South is (949) 542-8889. If anyone wants to help out call South and place a TOGO order and don’t pick it up or just ask to speak to the manager and ask why he thinks it’s alright to keep dumping money into a failing business rather then paying us the money we’re owed. Thank You

  3. Warren.Peace says

    You’re welcome Emily! Hope things are working well for you even after South. 🙂 If you need help, just give us a holler!

  4. Warren.Peace says

    Ouch. Has there been any improvement on your wage claims? If ever, because they’re taking way too long to pay you, they should be assessed waiting time penalty which means extra money for you. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

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