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Oprah’s Cable Network Hit with Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

For years, pregnancy discrimination has been an epidemic in the country and unfortunately, Oprah’s newly-established cable network is one of the many companies that were hit with a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit.

According to recent news reports, a former senior director of scheduling and acquisitions of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is suing the cable network and her former manager after the latter allegedly denied her from promotions due to her pregnancy and later terminated her.

In her lawsuit, Carolyn Hommel claimed that during her first year of employment with the network, she had an excellent performance review but after she told her manager that she was pregnant in 2011 and went on a two-week medical leave due to a pregnancy-related health issues, her job responsibilities were taken away from her. She was subsequently excluded from meetings. In 2012, Hommel was eventually axed from her job after she gave birth. Furthermore, when she applied as vice president, she was rejected.

So far, the network is not yet giving its comment regarding the matter, according to news reports.

Moreover, media sources made it clear that Oprah Winfrey was not named as a defendant in the said lawsuit. It was only aimed at the network alone and its former manager.

Meanwhile, although a Los Angeles labor lawyer felt bad for the network that has struggled to find audiences since it went live in 2011, he claimed that pregnant women who have been harassed or singled out from their jobs have all the reasons to defend their rights under the existing federal and state laws.

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