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Nursing Company Sued for Failing to Prevent Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is committed not just by your boss, your manager, your employer, or your colleagues – even clients or customers can be guilty of it.

As proven in a case filed a nursing company in McMinnville, Tenn., Nurse One/Team One, a former employee through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is now seeking back pay and damages after she and other female nurses were sexually harassed by a client and she was fired as a result of her complaint.

Renee Neal, the former home nurse for the morbidly-obese patient Stanley Slatten, alleged that he repeatedly sexually groped her and requested sexual favors while working for him. When she complained and warned another female nurse of the sexual harassment, she was made to write a letter of apology to Slatten and then fired by the company.

In her complaint, she claimed that she suffered repeated verbal, physical, and sexual harassment over the 10 months she worked as Slatten’s home nurse. In one instance, he allegedly grabbed her breast and groped her privates and asked for sexual favors. There were several occasions where he also insisted that the nurses wash his genitals to the point of sexual stimulation and even asked them to watched pornography with him.

According to Neal, when she complained to the company, she was told that, “Nurses have to put up with that.”

The company however, denied the allegations and said that Neal was fired for discussing Slatten’s case with another employee.

Under the law, it is the employer’s responsibility to protect his employees from a sexually hostile environment but in the event that such harassing actions were committed by a client, it is still the employer’s legal obligation to address or correct the complaint.

An employer can be held liable for sexual harassment committed by supervisors if it knew or should have known about the conduct and did nothing to correct it. For more questions about sexual harassment at work, you may visit or call the Mesriani Law Group at their toll free number at 1-866-325-4529 or email them at for free case analysis.

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  1. sammy adamson says

    Employers should investigate all sexual harassment complaints in order to make sure that their employees will be spared from this unlawful act. In this case, the company should have taken necessary steps in order to protect Renee and to address her concerns.

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