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New Labor Laws to Take Effect by January 2013

As a new year is about to begin, California is preparing something to please its hardworking employees.

According to news reports, a number of new labor laws are set to take into effect by January next year. Therefore, a Los Angeles employment lawyer highlighted some of the new labor laws that workers can expect this coming January. See details below:

•    All employers who pay commission and bonuses to employees in California are required to put the commission agreement in a written contract that details how the commissions are computed and paid. Also, employers should regularly review their commission arrangements to ensure that they are always complying with the newly updated laws.

•    Employers are required to provide copies of personal files and clarifications of an employee’s task description as well as itemized wage statements.

•    Employers are required to pay overtime to non-exempt employee at the legal rate regulated by the state’s law.

•    Employers are prohibited from requesting for an employee’s and applicant’s social media account log-in details.

Moreover, aside from the newly applied laws, the state also expanded few of the existing labor laws to make them more comprehensive. See modifications below.

•    The existing California discrimination law regarding religious and pregnancy accommodation was modified, expanding its coverage to include religious beliefs, observances, and practices of employees like wearing hijab and religious dresses as long as the same do not impose undue hardship to employer.

•    The existing law which requires an employer to provide a wage statement to employees was also expanded and further defined the necessity.

•    The California False Claims Act now includes consultants and contractors. Employers can no longer terminate agreements if a contractor or a consultant reports something in your company that may be a violation of the labor law.

These are just few of the new laws to expect in the forthcoming year. Therefore, employees should be alert and be familiar with such laws since they will be their best key to avoid being aggravated by employers. Incidentally, most employers love to take advantage of their employees’ ignorance of the law.

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