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Muslim Police Officer Awarded $125,000 for Wrongful Termination

In Fremont, the city and a U.S. Army veteran and a former Fremont police officer has settled a wrongful termination claim after he was taken off the force and accused of affiliation with a terrorist organization.

Matthew Fernandes, an Oakland native, who converted to Islam while in the Army was questioned in 2009 by FBI agents regarding his faith, the Mosques, and was even accused of planning terrorist acts associated with “global jihad”. Following his interrogation, he was called to the Fremont police headquarters where he was informed that he was taken off the force and no longer permitted on the property.

In his lawsuit, Fernandes also claimed that days after he was questioned and fired, his picture was circulated in the Fremont Unified School District in which the flyer wrote that he is currently under investigation by the FBI for possible affiliation with a terrorist organization.

Fernandes, who was never actually charged with any crimes in connection with the 2009 FBI inquiry, filed a claim against the city including charges of wrongful termination and defamation. He also sued the school district for intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

His claims against the city and the Fremont Unified School District were settled for $125,000.

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  1. sammy adamson says

    It saddens me to know that people who are required to enforce the law do not really understand it. I agree with you, Zarah Michell, when you said that Fernandes really deserves the money.

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