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Kids R Us Company Faces Suit after Firing Pregnant Worker

The Kids R Us Childcare Company is now facing a lawsuit after firing a pregnant employee, according to US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Reports said Shawna Capps, an assistant director for Kids R US Oklahoma from 2009 to 2010, has filed suit after her employer demoted her because she is pregnant.

According to reports, Capps informed the owners of the branch that she is pregnant. Shortly after, one of the owners told her that she would be transferred to part-time cook position, arguing that she chose to be pregnant.

Capp’s cousin, Melissa, filed a complaint to the administration regarding Shawna’s discrimination. Melissa also reported the unfair treatment to EEOC. The employer responded by transferring Shawna to another facility, forcing her to quit her post. The management also terminated Melissa as well as Shawna’s sister who is working for the company too.

EEOC filed the suit in US District Court in Oklahoma after mediation. The federal agency is asserting damages on behalf of the three women.

Discriminating against a pregnant employee is a violation of Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964. It prohibits employers from demoting, firing, or retaliating against the worker on the basis of his or her medical condition. The employer also has the responsibility to accommodate the worker to assist her in fulfilling job duties.

Retaliating against the workers aggravates the existing misconduct and violations and carries more stringent penalties before the court.

The federal law upholds the right of employees to equal treatment. Firing the workers because of pregnancy issues violates their right to earn a living. Instead of demotion or termination, the employer can discuss with the employee how the company can help her complete work tasks or hours.

The actions of Kids R US administration seem odd considering they are a company for children. They should be the ones who appreciate kids more than the others. Subjecting the pregnant worker to hostile and unfair treatment is a contradiction of their company image and a violation of the federal law.

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