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Jesse James: Chronic Cheater and Sexual Harasser?

Just when you think that there is no way for Sandra Bullock’s publicly flogged husband Jesse James to even sink lower, think again.

Two ex-wives, Sandra Bullock, and a crew of mistresses later, it was recently revealed that the reality TV star and CEO of West Coast Choppers has also been charged with a sexual harassment lawsuit…although this one was filed back in 2000.

The suit, which has dismissed, alleged that Deann McClung (the complainant) was harassed by Jesse James on a regular basis and that she was retaliated on when she complained and was fired.

McClung claimed that pornography was kept around the office and that Jesse James subjected her to unwanted touching, degrading comments, exposed himself to her and sexually propositioned her.

In May 2001, the case was dismissed with prejudice at the request of both parties – meaning it cannot be refilled, which can also mean that there was quite a hefty settlement.

Discrimination and sexual harassment has no place in the workplace and employees who have been aggrieved by unwanted sexual conduct and retaliated on for complaining may rightfully bring their claims to court…and walk away with justice or at least, a hefty settlement.

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