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Inclusion to Leaves of Absence Graces Peace Officers And Rescue Personnel

Peace Officers MemorialExceptional dedication of themselves voluntarily to a hazardous yet fulfilling task deserves enough employers’ support towards all reserve peace officers and rescue personnel in the state of California. Such may be implied in form of entitling them for claiming leaves of absence in relation to the mentioned commitment, at last.

Counted in the list of new and enhanced California employment laws for 2014 is an act which primarily aims to amend certain contents of Section 230.4 of the Labor Code, relating to employees.

Approved by California Governor Jerry Brown, the Assembly Bill No. 11 promotes revision in regards to provisions that oblige qualified employers [those who are employing 50 or more employees] to consent an employee that engages and commits to any of the following duties such as a volunteer firefighter, reserve peace officer, or even as emergency rescue personnel to take the leave of absence [which was detailed above] for the tenacity of engaging in fire, law enforcement, or emergency rescue training. Although, the discussed leave allowances must not exceed a total of 14 days per calendar year.

Furthermore, in accordance to Section 230.4 (b), discharging, or at least initial threats of future sanctions such as being discharged, demotion, suspension, or the employers discernment in any manner which are considered contradictory to the agreed terms and conditions of employment with basis of a certain instance where his or her employee has chosen to engage in fire, law enforcement, or emergency rescue training [as provided in subdivision] over work, is eligible to reimbursement and reinstatement for deducted wages and work benefits initiated by the actions of the employer.

Upon observing such injustice move by the employer, an affected employee may file his or her complaint [for the request of reinstatement and reimbursement pursuant to this section] to the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. In harmony with Section 98.7, and upon obtaining such complaint, the Labor Commissioner is expected to proceed, right after, as provided in that certain section.

This new law that gives importance on peace officers and rescue personnel rights to file leaves of absence takes into effect, January 1, 2014.

Investing in such amendments specifically in favor of the citizens together with the state is a strategically-wise and noble thing to embrace. With these empowered amendments, California may look forward to a denser peace and rescue forces that will ensure continuous maintenance to keep the state a wonderful place to live.

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