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How Union Workers Agree with Ford’s 4-year Labor Contract

The United Auto Workers Union has signed the Ford Motor Company’s 4-year labor contract, highlighting agreement on infastractures, bonuses, and product research.

According to reports, Ford has persuaded almost half of its workers to vote in favor of the ratified labor contract. This means out of the 22,031 employees who expressed approval, at least 12, 957 expressed disapproval. The workers who voted against the contract were living near the plant-prone Detroit and Chicago area.

The new bill included special packages for the employees such as $6,000 signing bonus, $1,500 housing allowance, $16 billion on product research, and $6.3 billion on facilities construction, reports said.

Reports said among the key plants that Ford will build are: the Wayne Michigan Flat Roack, The Loiusvill Kentucky, the Kansas City Missiouri, and Avon Lake Ohio.

The new bill has highlighted additional compensation for workers, fair trade policies, and dedication to safe and quality driving.

No doubt, the new Ford labor contract is attractive to young workers, who are venturing into the auto industry. The compensation package is good, yet the effect of working with auto chemicals near communities may spark legal and environmental issues.

At present, Ford has been cooperative with authorities in upgrading their facilities and maintaining environmentally-wise plants. However, there are also cases of car defects originating from factories in Mexico, and accidents resulting from it.

The battle over eradicating auto plants located near communities may be difficult to win after four years. The next big thing that residents need to fight for is their campaign against toxic contaminated waters and air. Ford management may be difficult to defeat, but with the unity of residents near car plants, illegal and hazardous activities can be prevented.

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