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How To Survive An Office Romance Gone South

Breaking up is hard to do, especially if you’re involved with an officemate, or worse, a superior.

In an era rife with sexual harassment lawsuits, many workplaces have enacted policies about prohibiting relationships between employees or managers such as Starbucks. But office rules and regulations cannot exactly stop love, especially since it is a force of nature.

Office Romance Survival Tips

Office Romance Survival Tips.

A survey from revealed that 4 out of 10 workers have dated a co-employee. This in turn would also translate to more office romances wrecking havoc in the workplace during a big fight or post-break-up.

In fact, according to Career coach and chief of Cornerstone Executive Development Group Stephen Xavier, statistics show that if you start an office relationship, its likely going to fail. So here are some tips on how to minimize and handle the drama of an office relationship going south to avoid adverse effects to your job (and yes, avoid sexual harassment suits in the future):

  • Control when and where the break-up will happen. It would be better to break up outside the office instead of say, in a cafeteria to avoid causing or being involved in a scene.
  • Handle the breakup conversation tactfully. Be gentle and respectful.
  • Be clear and concise when you break up and set the break-up ground rules.
  • Maintain composure and civility on the job – venting about hurt feelings to co-workers and being emotional will hurt your professional reputation.
  • Keep your distance from your ex for about 6 months, be polite but avoid conversations and do not badmouth.

In case you followed everything, was respectful and civil to your ex but still, all hell broke loose after your break-up and you’re getting verbally harassed or sabotaged, report it to your supervisor.

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  1. Paul says

    Thanks for these helpful tips.

    I am an HR practitioner and office romance is really something that is very much discouraged by most companies not only to avoid lawsuits but also because it has a tendency to affect work production and efficiency.

  2. Waqas Imam says

    I also see some of job friends who could face sexual harassment lawsuits but most of them successfully manage their ex.

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